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POSITION OPENINGS: The Dawson-Bryant Board of Education is accepting applications for the vacant positions of Middle School Boys 7th Grade Basketball Coach and Middle School Boys 8th Grade Basketball Coach for the 2020-2021 season. Applicants must possess both a current BCI/FBI background check and 3-year state coaches certification. Salaries will be commensurate with the Dawson-Bryant Local Schools board-adopted supplemental salary schedules. The application deadline is Monday, June 15, 2020 at 12:00 noon. Applications can either be sent to Dawson-Bryant Local Board of Education, 701 High Street, Coal Grove, OH 45638 (740) 532-6451 or emailed to Mr. Rick Barrett, Middle School Athletic Director, at: [email protected]

Bid Advertisement - Ipads/Laptop Computers

Bids will be accepted by the Dawson-Bryant Local School District for Apple Ipads and laptop computers.

KNOW! You are Not Alone
May is Mental Health Month and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is spreading the message: You Are Not Alone. Now more than ever, people need to know they’re not alone. There is an especially urgent need to raise awareness on the importance of mental health, as anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide have skyrocketed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic
KNOW! To Examine YOUR COVID-19 Coping Skills
The world as we knew it has changed due to COVID-19. Even as governors talk about ending some social distancing protections, people’s physical, mental, and emotional health remain at risk. As a nation, we’ve been checking in, reaching out, and helping our families, friends, and complete strangers. The question is, have you checked in with YOURSELF? How are you feeling, and what coping strategies are you using to deal with this newfound or added anxiety, stress, and uncertainty for the future?  
KNOW! To Thrive in Uncertain Times
Know! To Thrive in Uncertain Times
We know that for many tweens and teens, their social connectedness is what drives them. When their social lives are not only disrupted but literally stopped in their tracks, it can have devastating consequences. At this point, the novelty of being out of school has likely worn off, and the reality of social distancing has set in. And while being six feet apart or hunkered down in our homes slows the spread of this virus, the physical and mental implications can include isolation and loneliness.

Know! To Reassure and Support Children During the COVID-19 Crisis
Parent Tip to help support your child with the COVID-19 Crisis.    Everyone is talking about coronavirus.  The question is, are you talking about it with your children?  
The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19, also know as coronavirus, a pandemic.  Whether or not you believe the response to COVID-19 is proportionate, there is no doubt that children are being directly touched.  Their schools are closing , their academic and extracurricular activities are being cancelled, their spring break family trips are being postponed, and restrictions are being placed on mass gatherings.  They're also seeing and hearing the bast concerns of some and outright panic of others as local and national leaders attempt to control the spread of the virus.  
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