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Know! To Reassure and Support Children During the COVID-19 Crisis
Parent Tip to help support your child with the COVID-19 Crisis.    Everyone is talking about coronavirus.  The question is, are you talking about it with your children?  
The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19, also know as coronavirus, a pandemic.  Whether or not you believe the response to COVID-19 is proportionate, there is no doubt that children are being directly touched.  Their schools are closing , their academic and extracurricular activities are being cancelled, their spring break family trips are being postponed, and restrictions are being placed on mass gatherings.  They're also seeing and hearing the bast concerns of some and outright panic of others as local and national leaders attempt to control the spread of the virus.  
Student Breakfast and Lunch Program
Dawson-Bryant Schools to offer Breakfast/Lunch Program. 
Letter from the Superintendent regarding Cornavirus or COVID - 19
The health and safety of everyone in our community is a critical concern of the school district's Board, administrators, and staff.  You have likely been following the news regarding the coronavirus, also called COVID - 19, and the confirmed cases in the United States.  Though the virus most often only causes mild illness and the current overall risk is low, it can still be fatal in some cases.   
KNOW! Love is Respect
Dating relationships can be tricky at any age, but especially for young people navigating uncharted waters. Have you talked to your students about what positive, healthy dating relationships look like? There‚Äôs no time like the present as February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. 
KNOW ! How to Fight Teen Depression
The holiday season is filled with peace and joy for many, yet sandess and despair for others, creating the perfect sorm for the onset or worsening of depression.  As a parent or other caregiver, do you feel confident you would know if your child ewas experiencing depression?  And if your child was, would you know hat to do?  
KNOW! The Red Flags of Teen Depression!
It's December; tis the season to be jolly.  That's easier said than done for many people, adults and teens alike.  All the hustle and bustle can worsen the symptoms of those who already suffer from anxiety and depression into.   And for others, the holidays can create the perfect storm for the onset of symptoms.   
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