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The Counselors’ Corner

 The Counselors’ Corner will be updated periodically to give students, parents and community members the newest information from Student Services. Please feel free to email and/or call any of us with questions, concerns, or comments using the information below:

Bryan Mulkey, DBHS: [email protected]; 740-532-6345, ext. 1162

Kara Harrison, DBHS: [email protected]; 740-532-6345, ext. 71154 

Melody Pickett, DBMS: [email protected]; 740-533-6008, Ext. 74220

Audra Deere, DBES: [email protected];  740-532-6898, ext. 5103 

The Counselor’s Corner

There are many options leading to many decisions for our students in the upcoming months. As parents and educators, we are striving to help our children make the best decisions possible so we can see their happiness come to fruition. Happiness is based on circumstances, like finding the college of your choice; earning good grades; making a decision on a career and finding success in that career. But finding true joy is a choice, not a circumstance. This is our wish for our young people: We hope they find true joy and happiness in the future.

Student Services

The Ohio State Board of Education, which has eleven elected members and eight appointed members, oversees primary and secondary education in the State of Ohio and the  Ohio Department of Education.

The state is divided into eleven districts by combining three contiguous Ohio State Senate districts, each of which elects one representative. The governor of Ohio appoints the remaining eight members. All serve four year terms. The elected members' terms are staggered so that half of the board is elected in each even-numbered year. Vacancies in the elected membership are filled by appointment by the governor. The chairman of the Ohio House of Representatives Education Committee and his or her counterpart in the Ohio State Senate are ex officio members. The board employs a Superintendent of Public Instruction, who runs the Ohio Department of Education.

The State Board of Education does not have jurisdiction over the state's public colleges and universities, which are overseen by their individual boards of trustees and the Ohio Board of Regents.

ProgressBook™ is a classroom management system supporting the most recent K-12 standards-based education practices. Our   comprehensive, district-wide solution provides a holistic approach for monitoring student progress by combining grade book, attendance, lesson plans, report cards, special services, and parent/student/teacher communication into a single software solution that tightly integrates with the district’s student information system.

Project Lead the Way(PLTW) is a  United States based  Not-for-Profit Career and  Technology Education curriculum development    organization that promotes engineering and engineering technology courses in K-12 schools. PLTW implements an idea that was originally developed by  Richard Blais in the 1980’s while he was the chairman of the Technology Department of an upstate  New York school district. PLTW provides course material to middle and secondary schools in the United States. The organization is focused on a curriculum of  Mathematics,  Science,  Biotechnology and  Engineering. The Courses include IED (Introduction to Engineering Design) and POE (Principles of Engineering).

Since 2000,  Study Island has been building and marketing online, state standards based learning programs that are the most effective   and easiest to use of their kind. Our in-house technical development and content teams design and create our programs which are sold to schools on a subscription basis through our direct sales force. All of our programs are built specifically from state standards and are designed to create a very user-friendly experience for students and teachers. Our programs are used by millions of students in thousands of schools across the United States of America.

Wikipedia is a  free,   multilingual,  open content   encyclopedia project operated by the  United States-based  non-profit   Wikimedia Foundation. Its name is a  portmanteau of the words   wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites) and encyclopedia. Launched in 2001 by  Jimmy Wales and  Larry Sanger, it attempts to collect and summarize all human  knowledge in every major language.
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