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Dawson-Bryant Transportation Department

The goal of the Dawson-Bryant Transportation Department is the safety of your students, as they are transported to and from school and school-related events.  We would like you to help us in achieving this goal by educating your child on the below rules or procedures. 

Students should be advised by parents not to use cell phones or electronic devices when loading or unloading or when they may become distraction to their own or others' safety.

At bus stops state law requires drivers to follow these procedures:
1.  Check mirrors for traffic conditions and apply brakes well in advance to warn traffic from the rear.
2.  Actuate warning lights 300 feet prior to stop.
3.  Stop bus at designated stop.
4.  Set parking brake.
5.  Place the gear shift lever into neutral gear from both manual and automatic transmissions to prevent the bus from lunging forward.
6.  Open service door to actuate the warning lights and place hand over horn to warn students to potential hazards.
7.  Give students directions to go to their designated place of safety and stay there until the bus leaves or signal students to board the bus from their designated place of safety.
8.  Shift the gear lever into the starting gear, only after counting and confirming the students are in their designated place of safety or safely in their seat.
9.  Look to identify students and potential hazards in the danger zone, counting and checking the mirrors, before closing the door and canceling the warning lights.
10.  Close the door when all areas are clear.  Door must be closed before the bus moves.
11.  Release the parking brake after closing the door.
12.  Recheck traffic in the right and left side mirrors prior to pulling away.

Here are some ways in which parents can help students to be safe.  Review the safety rules with your child.  Help them to understand why each rule is important.  Help children to be ready at the stop before their bus arrives.  Take turns supervising bus stops for smaller children. 

Ohio Law:  3301-83-13 School bus stops
(B)  School bus stop location
         (1) Pupils in grades kindergarten through eight may be required to walk up to one-half mile to a designated bus stop.
         (3) School bus stops shall be established on the residence side of all four-lane highways and on the residence side of other roadways posing potential hazards to students as determined by school bus owners.
         (5) Each pupil shall be assigned and required to use a specific school bus stop except in unusual circumstances as approved by the school bus owner or designee.
         (6)  Each pupil shall be assigned a residence side designated place of safety.  Driver must account for each pupil at designated place of safety before leaving.  Pupils are not to proceed to their residence until the school bus has departed.  - Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety Rules - September 2008

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