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Parent Survey
Parents/Guardians your comments are need to help us plan for the reopening of the 2020-2021 school year.  Please click the  link to begin the survey.  Thank you so much for your time. 
Position Opening

POSITION OPENING:  The Dawson-Bryant Board of Education is accepting applications for the vacant position of full-time Maintenance Assistant.  Salaries will be commensurate with the Dawson-Bryant Local Schools board-adopted salary schedules.  Application deadline is Friday, July 31, 2020.  Job responsibilities and minimum qualifications are available at the Dawson-Bryant Local Board of Education, 701 High Street, Coal Grove, OH 45638.  (740) 532-6451.  Applications/resumes are to be sent to this same address or emailed to Mr. Steve Easterling, Superintendent, at [email protected]

Bid Advertisement

Proposals will be received by Dawson-Bryant Local School District (DBLSD) at the Treasurer’s Office, 701 High St., Coal Grove OH 45638, until 1:00pm local time on Thursday, July 16, 2020 for Construction of New Entry Drive based upon Contract Documents prepared by TSHD architects, 1010 Coles Blvd, Portsmouth OH 45662.

Beginning Band Signups
From Mr. Zerkle, Director of Bands for Dawson-Bryant Local Schools. 
KNOW! To Define Racial Terms for Teens
Whether our youth are on social media, listening to music, or are streaming their favorite TV show, they are likely hearing highly influential musical artists, athletes, and other celebrities voicing their opinions on racism in America. A lot of terms are being used that we or our children might not be familiar with, which can cause mixed feelings and confusion. As we said in the previous tip, we, as parents and caregivers, must engage our children in ongoing conversations on this topic, and we must be their information filter, as young people may come to harmful conclusions about race and racism when it is not talked about openly and honestly. An important piece in building a foundation for constructive conversations around this subject is to first spend some time defining key terms. 
KNOW! You are Not Alone
May is Mental Health Month and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is spreading the message: You Are Not Alone. Now more than ever, people need to know they’re not alone. There is an especially urgent need to raise awareness on the importance of mental health, as anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide have skyrocketed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic
KNOW! To Examine YOUR COVID-19 Coping Skills
The world as we knew it has changed due to COVID-19. Even as governors talk about ending some social distancing protections, people’s physical, mental, and emotional health remain at risk. As a nation, we’ve been checking in, reaching out, and helping our families, friends, and complete strangers. The question is, have you checked in with YOURSELF? How are you feeling, and what coping strategies are you using to deal with this newfound or added anxiety, stress, and uncertainty for the future?  
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