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KNOW! Love is Respect
Dating relationships can be tricky at any age, but especially for young people navigating uncharted waters. Have you talked to your students about what positive, healthy dating relationships look like? There’s no time like the present as February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. 
Job Postings
The Dawson-Bryant Local School District is seeking qualified applicants for one elementary, and one middle school, part-time/as-needed instructional tutor for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  All applications are to be sent to: Dawson-Bryant Local Board of Education, 701 High Street, Coal Grove, OH 45638. (740) 532-6451.  Positions will remain open until successfully filled. 
KNOW ! How to Fight Teen Depression
The holiday season is filled with peace and joy for many, yet sandess and despair for others, creating the perfect sorm for the onset or worsening of depression.  As a parent or other caregiver, do you feel confident you would know if your child ewas experiencing depression?  And if your child was, would you know hat to do?  
KNOW! The Red Flags of Teen Depression!
It's December; tis the season to be jolly.  That's easier said than done for many people, adults and teens alike.  All the hustle and bustle can worsen the symptoms of those who already suffer from anxiety and depression into.   And for others, the holidays can create the perfect storm for the onset of symptoms.   
Know! To Put Kindness into Action
World Kindness Day is one to celebrate and share with the young people in our lives.  It takes place annually on November 13th, and promotes putting kindness into action through caring and compassionate acts.  In a world where far too many youth face bullying, deal with anxiety and depression, and fight the pressures to succumb to a variety of risk-taking behaviors, why not encourage kindness and compassion?  The benefits can be far-reaching and long-lasting.  
KNOW! Alert - Weed Awareness
KNOW! Talk early and often about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Even when it gets tough.   Start Talking ! Building a Drug-Free Future 
Talking regularly with youth about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs reduces their risk of using in the first place.  Learn more at PreventionActionAlliance.org
Just as a reminder: The Afterschool Programs begin Monday, October 14th.
Just as a reminder:  The afterschool programs for Dawson-Bryant Middle School HORNETS and Dawson-Bryant Elementary School Little Hornets begin Monday October 14th.  The times for the Middle School HORNETS will be Monday to Friday during morning hours 7:00 to 7:50 and Monday to Thursday afterschool hours of 3:05 to 5:10.  The times for the Elementary School Little Hornets will be Monday to Friday during morning hours 7:00 to 8:15 and Monday to Thursday afterschool hours 2:30 to 4:45.   
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