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Elementary School Supply Lists for 2018-2019 School Year
School Supplies are PROVIDED for Kindergarten students.      
Students are asked to provide the following supplies… 
Backpack for Kindergarten students a backpack is the easiest to manage NO Wheels
Backpacks need to be large enough to hold a winter coat
Lunch box (if your child would like to bring his/her lunch)
Headphones or earbuds Inexpensive headphones are great because these will remain at school all year. 
Two rolls of paper towels
Two large boxes of tissues
Extra clothes. Please send extra clothes in a baggy to be kept in the classroom. Please include a top, bottom (long pants), socks, and underwear  That way if your child does have a bathroom accident, large spill in the cafeteria, or gets really muddy from recess we can have him/her change clothes without having to contact someone to bring clothes to school. If your child needs to use the clothes you’ve provided, please send clothes to replace ones sent home       
Optional supplies… 
Hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, Baby wipes, Extra “Snack Time” snacks.
1st Grade 
Zipper Supply Bag  
3 boxes of Crayons (24 or less) NO Twistable  
6 glue sticks  
2 packages of Yellow #2 Pencils  
Scissors (Prefer Fiskars)  
2 Pink Pet Erasers  
2 Expo Dry Erase Markers  
3 Boxes of Tissues  
1 Roll of Paper Towels  
2 Highlighters  
1 pair of headphones  (The oversized headphones and ear buds do not work well in our lab)  
School Bag or Backpack (Please NO Wheels)  
Boys Bring: 1 bottle of Hand Sanitizer  
Girls Bring: 1 box of Quart size baggies  
Please:  *Label supply bag/pencil box, coats, and backpack.  
*Do not send Trapper Keepers (They take up too much space.)  
*No mechanical pencils, colored pencils, or ink pens.  
*Replenish items throughout the school year such as, pencils, crayons, erasers, and glue.
~ If you would like to donate to our classroom, a container of Clorox Wipes and/or a package of baby wipes would be greatly appreciated   
2nd Grade 
Pencil Pouch (No pencil boxes)
24 Count Crayons
3 Packages of #2 Pencils
1 Red Two-Pocket Folder
1 One-Subject Notebook
1 Roll of Paper Towels
8 Glue Sticks
1 package of pencil cap erasers
2 Boxes of Tissues
2 Refill Packs of Baby Wipes
1 Clorox Disinfectant Wipes
2 Expo Dry Erase  Markers
1 set of Headphones
Please :
Replenish items such as pencils, crayons, erasers and glue
Write your child's name on all items sent to school including coats, jackets, lunchboxes and sweaters
No mechanical pencils or ink pens
No trapper keepers or 3 ring binders.
** Your child's teacher may be sending a note at the beginning of school asking for additional supplies**
3rd Grade 
 3 Packages of 24 Count Pencils - (Ticonderoga pencils sharpen best. Please No Mechancial Pencils)
1 Package of Crayons
1 White 1/2 Inch 3-Ring Binder for Math
2 Large Pink Erasers
1 or 2 Packages of Wide Ruled Paper
1 Package of Dry Erase Markers for Centers
2 Highlighters
1 Pair of Scissors
1 Composition Notebook
1 Package of Glue Sticks
1 Pair of Headphones (Please place in a zip lock baggie and label with your child's name) 
At least 1 box of Tissues
At least 1 Roll of Paper Towels
ZIPPERED Pencil Bag (Please No Pencil Boxes! Pencil boxes make changing classes very difficult)
Girls : 1 Bottle of Liquid Hand Soap
Boys : 1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer
The following items are optional. They will be used in the classroom. Your donation of these items is greatly appreciated!
- Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
- Lysol Disinfectant Spray
- Sandwich and Gallon Sized Zip Lock Baggies
Please Remember :
- Replenish items such as paper and pencils often!
- White your child's name on all tiems sent to school such as supplies, coats, and other garments.
4th Grade 
You will need:  
Three boxes of 24 pencils           
One package of red ink pens        
A pencil zip up bag with glue, scissors, and crayons        
A 2 pocket folder for Reading     
A one subject notebook for Journal Writing        
One package of loose leaf paper for Language Arts 
A 2 pocket folder for Language Arts         
A 2 pocket folder for Music        
A one subject notebook for science  
A one subject notebook for math        
Two boxes of Kleenex and a roll of paper towel        
Girls please bring hand sanitizer         
Boys please bring Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipes          
1 pair of ear buds or headphones in a Ziploc baggy with your name on it.       
Colored pencils or markers for Social Studies    
A black Dry Erase Marker (optional)     
Please label all of your notebooks and supplies with your name and subject area!!!! NO TRAPPER KEEPERS OR ZIPPERED BINDERS ALLOWED!!   
5th Grade
Supplies must be kept at school in “zippered bag”  
1 – Scissors 
2 - Glue sticks
(Box of 12) Color pencils
Pencil sharpener
1 - Dry erase marker
1 – Highlighter 
48 - Wooden pencils
1 pkg. cap erasers
1 pkg. red pens  
Writing Journal 1 - 100 page Composition Notebook                                                  
Computer Lab 1 - ear buds in zipper baggie with name    
Language Arts 1 – 3 subject spiral notebook   
Reading 1 – 3 subject spiral notebook  
Science 1 – 1 1/2 inch 3-ring hard-backed binder 5 – Tab divider sheets  
Math 1 - 3 subject spiral notebook  
Music 1 – 2 pocket folder  
2 – Boxes of tissues  
1- Rolls of paper towels
Disinfecting Wipes  
All students will be provided with an “orange” homework folder.     
Remind App  Stay connected to the classroom!  In Fifth Grade all teachers use this app!  It is free and a great way to be informed about your child’s work assignments  To get notifications for each subject, you must sign up for each class.  
1. Download the free app to a smart phone or tablet from your app store. Please enter your name and your child’s name (ex. Josey Smith, Joe Smith)  
2. Enter the codes below to sign up  
Math - @679722  Science - @3h67b  Reading - @ achag4d  ELA - @cg6c83  Resource - @eg7g3  
3. That’s it!!! You will now receive weekly assignments, notification of upcoming tests, quizzes, and other class announcements.  This App also allows two way communications between the teacher and parent. Teachers do not recommend allowing students in fifth grade to sign up and we will never communicate via text with your child   
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