Dawson-Bryant High School Curriculum

The high school is actively involved in educational initiatives and professional development in order to enhance an already strong curriculum.  Below is a detailed summary of some of them.

Successful Practices Network – Collaborating Online for Rigor/Relevance - CORR

All content teachers have been trained in CORR and will develop the following skills as a result of this training:

  • Apply the Rigor/Relevance Framework to their instruction.
  • Set expected levels of rigor and relevance for students.
  • Design performance tasks for a given level of rigor and relevance.
  • Design assessments for a given level of rigor and relevance.
  • Create and teach 2 lessons that are in Quadrant D – which signifies the highest levels of both rigor and relevance.

High Schools That Work - HSTW is an effort-based school improvement initiative founded on the conviction that most students can master rigorous academic and career/technical studies if school leaders and teachers create an environment that motivates them to make the effort to succeed.  Students are motivated to achieve at high levels when

  • They learn a rigorous academic core taught in ways that enables them to see the usefulness of what they have been asked to learn.
  • There are supportive relationships between students and adults.  These relationships involve providing students with the extra help needed to meet challenging course standards and with the support to make successful transitions from the middle grades to high school and from high school to postsecondary studies and careers.
  • Teacher advisers in high school work with parents and students to set goals and select rigorous courses that prepare students for college-preparatory classes in high school.
  • School leadership focuses on supporting what and how teachers teach by providing common planning time and professional development aligned with school improvement plans and the HSTW Key Practices.

Response to Intervention – RtI – Designed to:

  • Help develop a comprehensive delivery system that integrates and adjusts general education and special education services to provide early intervention and enhance the outcomes for ALL students.
  • Collect data during implementation stages to guide decisions about the intensity of interventions needed and eligibility for special services.
  • Facilitate early identification of academically and behaviorally needy kids through regular universal screenings.
  • Focus on early action rather than an early labeling approach.
  • Use ongoing progress monitoring data to help teams make instructional decisions at district, school, grade, classroom, and individual student levels.

Smart Board Interactive Whiteboard – has the flexibility to engage all learning styles in that:

  • Visual learners can easily see colorful, movable images and diagrams that the interactive whiteboard displays, even from the back of the classroom.
  • Kinesthetic learners can interact and explore by moving letters, numbers, words and pictures with the touch of a finger.

Auditory learners can be immersed in a complete multimedia experience using optimal USB speakers or SMART Audio.

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